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Jewelers since 1872

passion with experience

In the 1872, in the heart of Molise, a young man Raffaele Iannicelli decides to transform his passion into a job, so the first Iannicelli Jewelery was born.


The passion continues with Settimio Iannicelli, which, in a flourishing town of high Caserta, Santa Maria Capua Vetere, decides to open a new boutique, that has immediately distinguished itself by competence, professionalism and courtesy.


Rosaria Iannicelli transmits the secrets of the profession to her two sons, Milena and Giovanni, involving them as young in family affairs, which soon becomes a prestigious reality with the greatest international griffes and their own production of jewels, distinguished by the perfection and purity of the beautiful gems used conjugated to cutting-edge techniques and design.

Moved by the same passion and by the same diligence of their predecessors and driven by strong determination, the two brothers, today, give continuity to the family tradition in the historical S.Maria C.V.'s boutique and in a new boutique in the city of Caserta.

Gioielleria Iannicelli
Gioielleria Iannicelli negozio di Caserta


via Giuseppe Mazzini 73 / 75

In 2006 was founded a new Iannicelli jewelery in Caserta, in Giuseppe Mazzini street, number 87, then moving to civic 73/75, this is a new jewelry store with modern and dynamic style, which offers its customers the best jewelery brands and watches.

Authorized dealer of Rolex brand, Iannicelli boutique has a unique entity, in an elegant space where experience and professionalism are always present.

Santa Maria C.V.

via Alessio Simmaco Mazzocchi 19

In the historical boutique of Santa Maria Capua Vetere, in Alessio Simmaco Mazzocchi 19 street, the two brothers Milena and Giovanni Iannicelli, have the same guideline as their mother, in addition to continuing family business they dedicate themselves to increase their projects creating its own jewelery brand.

Today Iannicelli jewelery is a well-established reality, partners of selected companies that share the same philosophy for high quality, originality of goldsmith's creations and innovation, elements on which the company has been based over 140 years.

Gioielleria Iannicelli negozio di Santa Maria Capua Vetere