Official Warranty

All articles sold by Iannicelli jewelery are accompanied by an official guarantee certificate that protects your purchase under the terms of the law and specifies the duration, in terms of months, of the warranty.

The certificate of guarantee specifies the features of the object, its composition and, if present, the number, the carat, the typology and other salient features of the precious stones .

The warranty covers only manufacturing faults found and verified by Quality Control technicians.

However, damages caused by accidents, accidental events, improper use, natural alterations or wear and tear resulting from the normal use of jewel are totally excluded from the warranty.

The warranty is also not effective in any way in connection with jewels on which it was performed an intervention by non-authorized workshops and in such cases reserves Iannicelli not to make additional repairs required.

In this regard, remember that all objects, including jewels, are subject to wear, it is good practice to periodically check your jewels, doing particular attention to the castings of precious stones, pearl necklaces, corals, etc ... as well as the hooks of closure of necklaces, bracelets and earrings.